How to Apply Theatrical Makeup to Impress Audience

In this article we have listed 10 tips by following which you can make an impression on your fellow celebrities and the audience. Whether you are an acting professional or are in a institution or church play, it’s essential to follow these basic steps to make sure your makeup has the appropriate effect underneath stage lights. So just go ahead and follow the steps listed below for applying your theater makeup to make leave a perfect impression on audience at stage.

At First Clean Your Face: Wash your face thoroughly and follow with a face moisturizer to create a clean and smooth base for your face makeup.

Apply Foundation on your face:  Choose a color of foundation that both fits and evens out your skin tone or is slightly darker. If you have a warm complexion or one with red undertones, you’ll want a foundation with a slight golden or yellow finish. It is important to remember that the lights on stage have a tendency to wipe out colors, so you must always choose a foundation color that is slightly darker than your natural complexion. Of course, if the character you are playing is meant to be sick and tired or pale, choose cooler foundation colors.

  1. Be sure to blend your foundation evenly into the hairline at the temples and somewhat below the jawline. You must take extra care while blending into the jawline. Make sure that your face and neck don’t look in two different colors.
  2. You must consider your venue. In a very smaller theater, heavy foundation can be distracting, but it’s important in a larger venue where the audience is farther away.

Add shading and Highlights: Since stage lighting tends to flatten a face and remove definition, you’ll want to add contour, character, and definition to your face by using light cream make-up for highlights and dark cream make-up for shadows:

  1. Apply a slightly lighter shade of cream makeup along your bone lines, especially across the cheekbones and nostril.
  2. Sweep the darker shade below your cheekbone and in any area you wish to recede, or hollow, on your face.
  3. For a strengthen jawline, add the darker color in a direct yet subtle line of shadow from your chin to the bottom edge of each aspect of your jaw.
  4. For just a wide-eyed look, use the lighter shade on the center of your eyelids and on your brow bones.

Some Guidelines for Highlighting & Contouring

Powder your face: After you’ve applied foundation and highlights, extensively powder your face to set your makeup. Doing this provides a natural-looking finish to your skin tone and will surely prevent your makeup from looking too shiny when you are under the lighting at stage. Reapply this powder as needed during your performance.

Use blush: Apply blush for a further touch to your cheeks and shape your face. Choose a blush color as per your skin tone. Apply the blush on your cheek bone, starting on the apple of your cheek directly under the center of your eyes and sweeping up the cheekbone.

Eye Shadow: You should use light eye shadow colors to highlight your eyes and make them look bigger, and use darker shades of eyes shadow to deemphasize your eyes for characters that require the look of smaller eyes. Powder-based eye shadow works really very well in this case; choose three complementing eye shadow colors that are light, medium, and dark in level. The medium color is the base, the lightest color is the highlighter, and the darkest color is the contour.

  1. Using a tiny brush or applicator, apply the base, or medium color, onto the primary section of your eyelid, which is the area over your eyeball; go slightly on to the crease with the base color. Sweep the eye shadow somewhat out at the outside edge of your eyelid.
  2. Apply the lightest color, or highlighter, above the base and up to the brow. Sweep it away slightly at the outside edge same as you did with the first color.
  3. Apply the darkest color, or contour, from your eyelash lines to the crease, again, sweeping the colour to the edge.

Apply Eyeliner: Line your eyes with a thin, firm line above the upper lashes and a thin line below your bottom lashes, by making the use of the pencil eyeliner, a brush with a powder-based eyeliner, or an eyeliner pen.

  1. Rest your hands on your cheekbone and simply draw a line across the upper lid on the lash line (as near to your lashes as it can be while still on the lid).
  2. For a dramatic or colorful role, use black, thick lines to really enhance your eye. For men, young performers, or those who seek a more natural look, use browns and even more natural colors that complement your skin tone.

Use Mascara: Apply a liberal amount of mascara to your upper lashes to make your eyes truly pop. Furthermore, if it fits your character, use false eyelashes to give your lashes a genuine lift.

Line and color lips: First, line the mouth area with a firm, dark line that improves the natural shape of your mouth. The purpose of this line is to strengthen the natural shape of the mouth area and to prevent your lips from blending in with the rest of your face.

  1. Choose a color for your liner that is a color or two darker than your lip or lipstick color.
  2. Whenever choosing a lipstick, you’ll want to use a color that matches the personality of your stage character. General advice from our side would be to use a natural shade for men or for innocent characters and darker shade for a femme fatale or a more dramatic character.

After the show remove makeup: No matter how tired (or energized) you may be, it is very important to remove your make-up. You won’t only save your valuable pillowcase but also your skin layer from any damage caused by wearing makeup for a prolonged time period. Utilize a cream or oil-based make-up remover on your eyes and a good cleanser on your face. In addition, use an astringent or toner on the pad or egyptian cotton swab to totally remove any last traces of makeup. Finish this makeup removal process by applying moisturizer to moisturizer your skin.

These were the basic steps that you must follow while applying your theatrical makeup to ensure that it not only looks awesome but also lasts till the last minute of your performance underneath the hot stage lights. So we hope you liked this article and we would like to wish you best of luck for your stage performance, have a blast !.

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